Hygiene and Cosmetic / Kosmetik

Hand hygiene and workplace safety. Establishing quality systems and standards in the EU: Member of CEN TC 216, WG 1-3 in periods 1992 – 2002. Establishing quality standards for hospital hygiene for medical care and hospitals in SSI/DS project 2001-2003.

Project on development of relevant measures on hand hygiene in relation to food production in project cooperation with The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University sponsored by the Danish Government 1999 – 2002.

Hygiene and Cosmetic / Cosmetic production. Responsibility for production hygiene by PLUM A/S 1982 – 2002. Development of tools for controlling production hygiene. Development of products according to relevant hygiene criteria.

Evaluation of period after opening for cosmetic products and establishing relevant background for hygienic evaluations.

Prepares GMP-C compliance evaluations and raports according to ISO 22716.