HYGADE ApS – Consultant specialized in Cosmetics

With special insight in the following areas:

Legal affairs and Management:

Legal affairs and interpretation of European Cosmetic legislation and connected aspects.
Auditering on relevant areas.

Technical-professional themes:

  • Safety reports,  CPSR, Cosmetic Product Safety Report, Notification of cosmetics in CPNP: Cosmetic Product Notification Portal
  • Toxicology, Safety Assessment of Cosmetic products
  • Technology for searching alternative ingredients for Cosmetic formulations
  • Skin penetration, Evaluation of Active Ingredients
  • Cooperating with BioInspecta as subcontractor in connection with NATRUE certification
  • Management, Organization, Strategy, Education of staff; Coaching
  • GMP, Quality management; Support for structuring and auditing
  • Productions equipment and hygiene; Consultancy regarding productio
  • Ecotoxicology/ Eco marking and labelling; Swan lable
  • Development of cosmetic reciepes
  • Preservation; Microbiological challenge testing
  • Surface activity/ cleaning effects; Development of cleaning products
  • Own Database with complete information on 4800+ ingredients
  • Cowork with BioInspecta on NATRUE Certifications, see www.natrue.org